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How do I rent an item?
How do I rent an item?

Payment method, How does it work?

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All items on site are subscription based, once you have verified your account and chosen a plan, you can proceed to rent from our tradeable inventory.

More on our plans can be seen here:

In order to rent items, begin by clicking on the Rent tab:

You will be able to see your current plan, the value available and filters to help search for your favorite skin!

Keep in mind, there are authorizations which occur before each rental. These are not charges but checks we do on your card every time you rent an item in order to make sure your card is still valid while renting.
The checks we do are immediately released back to your card (Occasionally, they show in your bank app only after a few hours). There are no additional fees on top of the subscription you pay.

Pre Paid cards, along with Paypal, are not a valid form of payment for item rental. Paypal can be used to purchase a plan, however a valid card is still needed.

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