We ask you to verify your account in an effort to combat fraudulent activity on our platform. The steps we ask you to go through prove that you are a legitimate person who has the right to use the payment cards you use with us.

With a verified account you will have access to all level 2 items. You will then be able to gain level 3; Ranking up to level 3 is an automatic process performed by our security AI, taking into account # of successful rentals, veterancy and various parameters. You will be notified automatically once eligible. 

In the case the payment method (debit or credit card) is not in your name and you are using a guardians (parents) card, they will need to provide the requested verification steps.

You can verify your account by going here through your mobile device:

If you have a QR code scanner, you can scan the top right to begin the process, or add the security numbers on the screen into your mobile device.

Should you encounter any issues, you can get in touch with our support by going to "Request manual verification". 

Verification for withdrawals:
If you are verifying your account with the sole purpose of withdrawing an item over the allowed amount please visit the same link and request a manual verification, or send in the ID without the payment card in the verify section.

Additionally, contact support for help!

Please keep in mind:
We require a valid payment card in order to fully review the account. With a valid card on site, Paypal can also be used to purchase a subscription on site.

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