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Pay/Add Funds/BC

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Paying with Cryptocurrency is anonymous, secure and fast. 

How do I deposit Cryptocurrency in exchange for balance on site?

  1. Simply click the + icon next to your balance and select ‘Pay with Bitcoin / Ethereum / Lite coin’.

  2. Pick the Cryptocurrency you'd like to deposit.

  3. Get a temporary wallet address (valid for 60 min).

  4. Deposit directly from your chosen exchange or wallet using your secure address.

Why does my Cryptocurrency deposit appear as a donation?
This is because we wanted to keep the fees as low as possible.

Can I use the deposit address given to me more than once?
The address is unique and can be used only once. Funds that will be sent to the same address any other time will be lost.

What is the conversion rate (Lootbear balance)?
Conversions to USD are made according to the real-time conversion rate (in coinbase) at the time of purchase.

What is Coinbase?
Coinbase is a leading digital currency exchange.

What happens once I send Cryptocurrency to Lootbear?
Once the transfer is complete, your Lootbear balance will be credited and you can purchase skins.
Lootbear takes a 10% commission on cryptocurrency deposits.

Will I be able to rent skins using Cryptocurrency?
You will not be able to rent using Cryptocurrency. In order to rent please subscribe to one of the lootbear prime subscriptions.

Can I withdraw my revenue as Cryptocurrency?
This is not a feature we have added yet but this may change in the future.

Refund is not available through this payment option.

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