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Prime supplier revenue

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LootBear offers a monthly subscription service that allows users to pay a small monthly fee and rent practically ANY skins they want! As a Supplier this means you will enjoy High Demand for your items.

We guarantee a 3% monthly return on investment, if your items are consistently rented out throughout the entire month. For example, for $1000 worth of items rented out, you can earn up to $30 per month.
This is calculated into a daily amount that goes to suppliers revenue at the end of each day and accumulates to 3% after 30 days of consistent renting.

More information on your activity/sales and rents can be seen within your supplier dashboard. As well as other options to exchange or sell your skins!

How do I set my items for rent?

Items that meet the minimum requirements are automatically set for rent.

Can I sell my skins?

We offer the option to instant sell your skins for approximately 50-60% of their value, this will give you instant on-site revenue.

Can I swap my items for balance?

Yes! You can exchange your skins into on site balance and get new skins.

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