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How do I return a skin?
How do I return a skin?

And where?

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Returning a skin is easy and can be done from the rentals tab, located at the top-middle of the main page.
Upon returning the item, you will be prompted with a pop up to check your account for an active API key, as well as one to check the date of the bot before accepting the return trade.
This is to ensure your account is secure and the trades are legitimate, to protect all parties from unwanted scams.

Take a moment to check!

Please then make sure the bots creation date shown on the site matches the creation date appearing on the mobile authenticator.

Lootbear bots do not decline trades, if you see the below pop up do not accept any further trade and check your account before proceeding.

Additional information

The minimal rental period for all skins is 7 days, due to the trade lock integrated by Steam following every single traded item. 

Please remember that private inventories are unable to trade - So please ensure your profile is not set to private, or you will not be able to return your skins.

Users that have lost their rented items will be fined for 110% of the item's value. So make sure they are returned to the site!

Further information on ensuring your trade is safe can be seen here.

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